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Feltz Family Farms, WI

Take a tour of this innovative, 100-year-old Wisconsin dairy farm. Five generations of Feltzes have worked on this 700-acre operation, and they’re not afraid to bring it into the future — including robotics and a focus on cow comfort. Hear how they’re using robotic feeding and milking technology alongside high-quality Pioneer® brand corn silage products.

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BMR | Cow Comfort | inoculants | robotics

Lawnel Farms, NY

Starting with one borrowed cow in 1945, this award-winning New York dairy farm has grown into a 25-person team with 3,500 cows and 3,000 acres of silage crops to feed them.

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BMR | High Milk Production | Operations

Kasper Dairy, ID

Eric Kasper moved his farm all the way from Modesto, California, to Melba, Idaho, in 1996. See how the varied climate and diverse elevations contribute to this dairy’s complex rotation schedules.

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Alfalfa | BMR | rocky soil | high elevation

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